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MechWarrior: Online - Page 40 - Forum - DakkaDakka Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: Swtor Add Dye Module Slot - Annihilation (DPS)Why were dye slots swtor add dye module slot removed on some gear? — Elder Scrolls Online. 1 Dec 2015 .. It seems to me that going all theway to Master should net the mech something other than just a module slot. #MWO Project Update 2/3/2014 | sorta excited about turrents. odd they could only figure out 2 maps on where to place them... If the maths stay the same on the weapon modules that we've seen before, I see them as basically being worthless since at least Tier 2 ranges aren't worth it over the additional heat (and module slot unless these get their own designated spot which I can't remember if that's the case).

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MWO: News - MechWarrior Online Feb 21, 2017 · In other news our first phase of the Skill Tree Public Test Session is complete, and work is underway on the next update to the Skill Tree PTS build based on your feedback. You can check out the latest news on what's in store for the next PTS update here, with a more detailed rundown on all the changes set to arrive with the next PTS update. Module and Pilot Skill Guide - MetaMechs

While it was not present at launch, patches have also added a new version of Metal Gear Online.

A discussion about MechWarrior Online Subreddit Posting and Moderation Guidelines. For Beginners. Kanajashi's Video Tutorials; Did the whole MWO network go down or is it just me? ... Since the Master efficiency really only opens an extra module slot for you, it really depends on if you have already filled up your available ones. For a ... Changes to the Module Slot System : mwo - reddit

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MechWarrior Online (MWO) подходит к этой проблеме так же и использует региональные выделенные сервера для минимизации задержек для игроков. Однако этого часто недостаточно для большинства игроков, и нам нужно сделать что-то ещё.

Many complaints about games, especially games that're still in beta like MechWarrior Online, are valid. But someone will also venture forth upon a discussion board and proclaim a game ruined if there's a slight change to the kerning of the menu font. (In the MechWarrior Online font, capital I looks exactly the same as lower-case L! WORST. MWO V-Log #6 | Page 2 | CHANGES TO THE MODULE SLOT SYSTEM In Vlog #6 we stated, that the additional module you receive when mastering a Mech was a Weapon Module. We decided to change this module slot to a Mech Module slot for the launch of the feature. In the upcoming patch: This Mech Module slot will be changed to a hybrid Weapon / Mech Module slot. MechWarrior Online: Not just a vehicle to sell MW5:Mercs ... Wave 2 dates: Vulture (AKA Mad Dog) - December 16th for MC and January 20th for C-bills Myst Lynx - Jan 6th for MC and Feb 3rd for C-bills Ice Ferret - Jan 20th for MC and Feb 17th for C-bills MechWarrior - Wikipedia